Filter Water


water bottle with Filter

Μπουκάλι ΦίλτρουΜπουκάλι ΦίλτρουΜπουκάλι ΦίλτρουΜπουκάλι ΦίλτρουΜπουκάλι Φίλτρου

Drink clean
and tasty

Μπουκάλι ΦίλτρουΜπουκάλι Φίλτρου


Μπουκάλι ΦίλτρουΜπουκάλι Φίλτρου

Fill with water
directly from
the tap

Μπουκάλι ΦίλτρουΜπουκάλι ΦίλτρουΜπουκάλι ΦίλτρουΜπουκάλι Φίλτρου
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Safety closure.


Μπουκάλι Φίλτρου

Direct flow without suction.

Rapid hydration:

Μπουκάλι Φίλτρου

Convenient to transport.

Special design:

Μπουκάλι Φίλτρου

Practical & shock resistant.

Robust construction:

Μπουκάλι Φίλτρου

Filter and drink immediately

Immediate filtration:

Μπουκάλι Φίλτρου

Sport water bottle with filter

Μπουκάλι ΦίλτρουΜπουκάλι ΦίλτρουΜπουκάλι ΦίλτρουΜπουκάλι ΦίλτρουΜπουκάλι ΦίλτρουΜπουκάλι Φίλτρου
Steam Jet 2.1


With excellent performance and many accessories
disinfect whatever you want quickly
and efficiently

Steam Jet 2.1


steam cleaner

Vertical Iron


Vertical cleaning without
removing them from the hanger

Disinfect and take care of your clothes

Niagara PC1500


ironing system

Air genius 5


Create a healthy atmosphere
in your space.
Cleans dust, germs, pollen
and other allergens.

air purifier

Air Genius 5


new products


popular products

Sport water bottle with filter

Sport water bottle with filter

Practical, shock resistant

Reduces chlorine

Preserves the mineral salts of water

Espresso machine CE4506

Espresso machine CE4506

Pressure 20 - bar

Power 1050 W

Suitable device for large coffee cups

EFFICIENT Casserole 28cm

EFFICIENT Casserole 28cm

It combines maximum temperature performance and energy saving for intensive cooking.

It guarantees the best results on your plate.

Suitable for washing in the dishwasher.

Thermometer BNT400WE

Thermometer BNT400WE


Measure in 2 seconds

Clinical Accuracy of Measurement in both functions


focused to quality

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Market Quest is a dynamically developing trading company, operating in Greece and the countries of the South East. Europe. With many years of experience, deep market knowledge, responsibility and well-trained executives, the company provides a wide range of products in the fields of electrical appliances, utensils and cooking utensils, personal care and health.

Market Quest currently represents a range of products from reputable, reputable companies abroad, such as BRAUN, CLOER, HONEYWELL, LAICA, SCHOLL, TONI&GUY, VICKS, THERMOR, REVLON, BRA, MONIX, SOLAC, TREVI, MONDIAL. With an emphasis on specialization and dedication to the service of its partners and customers, it additionally provides...

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Warm and pleasant atmosphere at home in winter

Warm and pleasant atmosphere at home in winter

Τhe space in which you spend most of your time should represent you and be so hospitable that it fills you and challenges you to enjoy it to the fullest.

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Internet throughout the house

Internet throughout the house

Internet access is now a commodity for work and leisure.

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Μarket Quest Frequently Asked Questions

The Most Incredible Trick to Improve Your Radiator Performance


There is a quick and easy way to improve the performance of your radiator. With this trick you will be able to have more heat in your home and save money.


How disgusting is a dirty bathroom? Very! Especially when you consider the multitude of not-so-innocent micro-organisms and bacteria that have transformed your bathroom into their permanent home.

Whether you enjoy cleaning your bathroom in installments or prefer to do it once a week, these little tricks will help you get rid of unwanted visitors once and for all!

Step # 1: Shower Mycobacterium avium, which can cause lung disease in its cabin, and especially on its head, is harbor.

Clean the shower head by dipping it in a plastic bag filled with white vinegar. Then, tie the bag with a rubber band and let the shower head soak in the mixture for 24 hours. Read this process in more detail here



Whether you have already placed the refrigerator in the kitchen, or are now moving and refurbishing your kitchen, you must always keep in mind the 3 essentials that determine the correct location for the refrigerator in the room.

Avoid contact with the sun. Sometimes it is difficult to avoid direct contact of the refrigerator with sunlight due to the design of the kitchen. However, wherever you have limited space, be sure to place the fridge on the darkest side of the room and away from windows and glass doors.

Take care of the heat ducts Be careful not to place the refrigerator next to the radiator and any other source of heat, such as the stove. If you have already placed it in such a location you should know that your radiator and any other heat source nearby is capable of raising the temperature of the refrigerator so that the foods you store inside are not kept in perfect conditions. In addition, the refrigerator in this case works by consuming twice as much energy to regain the temperature it needs, which is neither good for the environment nor for your wallet. Here's How To Find Out If Your Fridge Works Right At P & Fi!

Give importance to the 'fridge-sink-oven' triangle When you place your refrigerator, it usually doesn't get to the mind that when cooking you want to have free space to move between benches, sink, oven and at the same time easy access to the refrigerator for greater comfort. So in order not to make it difficult each time you prepare a meal, carry dishes to and from the sink and the oven, or want to get a component or material from the refrigerator, be sure to place your refrigerator right or left of the sink and nearby. distance so you can open the door with your hand at any time. The oven is ideally located opposite the sink and away from the refrigerator, as the heat it will emit when it is on can affect the refrigerant's proper operation.


There are some appliances in the house that you know are very energy consuming. The point is that there are others that you do not suspect will increase your electricity bill. See who they are.

Refrigerator ... If you have an old refrigerator the only way to not consume a lot of energy is to replace it. As with all old electrical appliances, they operate 24 hours a day and are extremely energy efficient. Don't worry about the money you can spend on a new refrigerator as you will pay off in just 2 years. Another way you can reduce energy consumption in the refrigerator is by inspecting the door insulation. Put a piece of paper in the door and close it. If the paper stays in place then the door is securely closed. Otherwise change is needed. Lastly, try not to open your refrigerator constantly and if you do not keep it open for a long time.

Waiting Devices ... You spend a lot of time without realizing it. This is the case with standby devices such as televisions, computers, or tablets and mobiles that remain in charge for hours. Be sure to turn off all these appliances when not in use and unplug them when you go to bed.

Air Conditioner ... The air conditioner burns a lot of electricity and this is why there are heat breaks during the hot summer days when everyone uses their air conditioners in full. What you may not know is that inverter-type air conditioners make great savings by generating more than 3 times more heat than a common fan. But what is the right temperature to set in air conditioning? The correct temperature is 10 degrees above freezing in winter and 10 degrees below freezing in summer. If on the other hand you don't want to use air conditioning at all, here's how to set up your radiator for heat and economy.

Dehumidifier ... If you live in an area with too much humidity then you are probably using a dehumidifier. It is a device that removes moisture from the air. Because excessive humidity can cause health problems or even home furnishings, the appliance consumes too much. How much energy it will consume depends on the time it works and the level of humidity at which it is set. In order not to burn too much power and not to consume large amounts of energy, you can close the room (doors and windows) in which you have the dehumidifier installed. It is good to know that if there is moisture in an entire house a dehumidifier cannot remove it from everywhere. You can also invest in a good digital dehumidifier that performs better.

Heating ... Use hot water in the shower as well as to wash your dishes and clothes. In short you consume a lot. Of course, the actual amount of energy you spend when you turn on the water heater depends on the type and size of the water heater and how much time you need to shower. In order not to spend too much power you have to lower the temperature on the heater thermostat. Obviously you should never leave it on for more than 30-40 minutes. Take advantage of the more affordable nighttime stream and try to shower sooner. Wash your clothes with cold or warm water.

Oven / Grill / Toaster Which is the most economical? The oven is the one that consumes the most energy from the three above and if not necessary it is best not to use it regularly. So, when possible, use the barbecue or the toaster. Do not heat your food in the oven, for example, as this is not economical at all. There are also foods such as meats and vegetables that can be easily cooked in the barbecue much faster and certainly much more economically. Learn to operate the oven only when absolutely necessary. The same is true for kitchen eyes. If you can avoid using them, do so.


No matter how much we love summer, the truth is that it is a difficult time, at least in terms of temperature. So, an air conditioner is the best investment for you and yours. See everything you need to know to make the right choice.

Choose correctly The key criteria for selecting an air conditioner in order of importance are: a) Performance factor b) Quality and ease of technical support c) Quality of filters d) Low noise.

Calculate the efficiency factor The efficiency factor (for cooling and heating) is a net number, which allows us to compare different air conditioner units to decide which one offers the most energy savings.

The number is obtained by dividing the amount of energy the air conditioning unit delivers with the amount of energy it consumes. The larger the number, the more economical the operation of an air conditioner. In addition, the less current needed to achieve the desired temperature in our room.

Select Air Conditioner with Inverter Compressor. It has the ability to vary its rotation frequency and thus its performance, consuming exactly what energy it needs. This means that the room temperature remains constant, without the continuous stops / startups of conventional compressors, thus saving energy.

Proper and frequent maintenance (1-2 times a year) ensures longer air conditioning life and a healthier environment.

Pay attention to dehumidification. When the unit operates on cooling, as the air passes through the unit and cools, the water vapor is liquefied and then removed. If there is a problem of dryness in the house, then you should replace the humidity with a suitable device, for example with a humidifier.

Air Conditioners and Health Air conditioners, if used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, such as proper installation by a specialist workshop, avoiding direct exposure to air current, and of course regular cleaning and maintenance, present no health hazard.


There are plenty of tips for using your air conditioner without paying a whole bunch of money in power bills.

Here's what you can do to reduce costs and keep enjoying the heat of your air conditioner.

Do not burn the air conditioner all night If you get cold before bedtime then do not switch on the air conditioner just before going to bed because it is more likely that you will fall asleep and burn your air conditioner all night. Better turn it on half an hour before going to bed and close it with it under the covers. The room will definitely stay warm until you fall asleep.

Service your air conditioner at least every one or two years If you notice that your air conditioner is not performing well, it means service is needed. If you do not service then it will burn much more power to operate and the time when the electricity bill gets to your hands will be difficult.

Check your ducts Everywhere in the house there are ducts, check them to make sure they are well insulated. Also check doors, windows for crackers, which will expel the hot air outside and put cold air inside the house. The better insulated your home is, the more heat it will retain.

Remove any obstructions in front of your air conditioner Some furniture may prevent the air from your air conditioner from circulating throughout the room. If you have a tall library, for example, make sure it is not under or in front of your air conditioner.

Adjust the air conditioner properly Experts point out that you need to adjust the air conditioner to blow the air high in the room to warm it up more efficiently. So adjust the opening of the air conditioner so that it is at its highest point. Regarding the temperature, choose a temperature that makes you feel warm and do not overdo it because the larger the temperature difference inside and outside the house the more current will burn your air conditioner. Experts usually recommend 26 degrees Celsius. If you raise the temperature to 30 degrees your air conditioner can burn even 40% more current.

Clean the filters yourself Every 2-3 months you can remove and clean your air conditioner filters yourself. It is a very easy process as the filters are easily removed and are normally washed with soap and water. Allow them to dry very well before putting them in place.

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